Something about me that cannot
be seen from the outside

Something about me that cannot be seen from the outside

Welcome to this page where I have
the opportunity to introduce myself

Welcome to this page where I have the opportunity to introduce myself

There are various ways to introduce yourself to someone. First and last name, profession, age, family status, educational qualifications, achievements, languages known, travels and experiences. This is pretty much all you can tell the other person about yourself, often to impress them favorably and to brag (without doing so too shamelessly) about your accomplishments. 

In the physical world, the world of matter, this is how one presents oneself. However, as I imagine you already know, or as you will have the opportunity to discover by following me, it is a fact that everything in the universe is composed of 99.99999% vibrating energy and only 0.00001% matter. It is precisely for this reason that I prefer to introduce you to that part of me that cannot be seen on the outside. 

I begin by telling you that I am about halfway through my evolutionary journey here on earth. That in this life I have been working very hard to evolve and have made great progress. Some of the most important milestones in this existence of mine have been that I was born in 1961 into a very modest family in the Antigorio Valley in the deep north of the Piedmont region. 

My mother is a housewife and my father was a stonemason. I grew up in the mountains, among cows, chickens, rabbits, potato fields, vegetable garden, pastures, skiing, snow, mountain tours, etc. Of note was my very little desire to study. I preferred manual labor, such as chopping wood or caring for animals, which I sacrificed with great serenity so that my mother could cook a good roast on Sundays when relatives came to visit.

Then, one bad day when I was 8 years old, a tragic event marked my life forever. My father in the middle of the village festival decided to end it all and took his own life. Never would I have imagined that such a blatant gesture with such a hard detachment would mark my existence so deeply. 

In that instant I realized that, as the firstborn, it was my turn to help my mother and younger brother. My attitude toward school changed instantly, and from third grade onward I was always praised by teachers and professors as one of the most capable and diligent boys in the class. 

Well, looking back on it, in the general misfortune this was one of the few advantages that had manifested in my life. My great efforts to lift the fortunes of the family continued over time, and in the years that followed I was very much applied both in my studies as well as in my work. 

As a result of those events my life was transformed and I became very determined to achieve goals that would allow me and my family to feel safe again. Today when I look back and retrace my life I say to myself: bravo Enzo, you worked hard, you even went beyond the highest expectations. 

In 2019, when I was 58 years old, I decided to end my long professional career, as an executive at a major Swiss multinational company in the finance and pension industry, to dedicate myself completely to my personal evolution and the Longebility project.

Why did I create Longebility?

My father’s untimely death had left its mark. My soul kept asking profound questions: why do we live, what is the meaning of existence, what must be done to live happily, does God exist, what is death, etc.? By my soul I mean that unseen part of me that led me to be who I am. Let’s say the seed that generated the tree. 

When I was 18, I rebelled against the dogma of religion. I took off the chain with the gold crucifix around my neck and locked it permanently in a box. That gesture was triggered by a desire to know the truth instead of simply accepting what I was being told. That gesture was very decisive in my life because it allowed me to observe and analyze existence with an insight guided by logic and rigor. 

I understood that most people survive, they simply get by between goals believing that the meaning of their existence is to achieve objectives in the material world without realizing that, in the end, the last journey is without pockets and nothing of everything accumulated in life can be taken with them. 

I realized how many people, including so many of my former clients, aimed to accumulate enormous amounts of material wealth hoping to find security, fulfillment and happiness in it. In most cases I then watched them age and in some cases die with the eyes of those who seemed to have wasted their lives. Like those who had struggled for wrong goals and only then, when it was late, realized that they had lived for a wrong cause. 

Also for these reasons as the years went by I became more and more interested in the unmanifest part of life and studied metaphysics to better understand what was in that 99.9999% invisible reality. From year to year I invested more and more time, energy and money to know and understand who we are, where we come from and where we are headed.

I traveled a lot, met with sages, shamans and monks. I gathered information from each of them, cross-referenced the information and saw that it all matched. A lot of ancient information fit perfectly with the most modern scientific evidence. 

Here it was in 2015, during a 3-month sabbatical trip that took me to India, Cambodia, Nepal, Burma and Buthan, that I decided it was time to devote my life to divulge the knowledge and experiences I had gained. So I decided to found Longebility and dedicate myself particularly to people entering or already in their second half of life. 

In fact, I believe that people over 50 are particularly sensitive to the big questions: who am I, why am I here, what do I need to do to be happy, what is death, etc.? They are more sensitive because they are about to leave the work commitments that have forced them to come so far in “autopilot” mode, driven by the need or ambition to study, work, make a family, earn money, have a career, raise children, etc. 

In the first half of life there is indeed little time for big questions, at most one thinks about it for a minute at the funeral of a friend or relative. The transition between the first and second halves of life is very interesting and delicate; it can be the beginning of the descent or the relaunch to a new understanding of life itself.

What can I do for you?

I can share with you the information and experiences that have led me to completely transform my awareness and live today with totally different goals from those that my family and society had proposed and passed on to me. I did not only put the golden crucifix in the box, but also a whole bunch of conditioning beliefs that keep us stuck, that make us feel guilty and do not leave us free to experience life to the fullest. 

As a Longebility coach and trainer, I can be useful for two categories of people. The first is the people who are asking questions and have not yet found answers. The second category is that of the sad and disconsolate who believe their life is futile. 

If you belong to these two categories with Longebility you have a great opportunity available to you. Not so much because I can do something for you, but rather because your curiosity or dissatisfaction can be the most powerful spring for you to do something for you. Kind of like when I, as an 8-year-old boy, felt fragile and helpless in the face of life events and had to find the strength to fight back. I did it with such determination that I moved into new territory of possibility. 

If you wish, I can support you and accompany you on an evolutionary path. My soul will share the attained awarenesses with your soul . I am less interested in what your name is and what you have done in life. I care more about who you are now, who is inside that body and why you came to earth to experience what you are experiencing. 

In my book titled: AGING IS SCARY IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT, you find a lot of information and strategies to transform your life. Read it, I am sure it will be a good starting point. In the book I try to explain in simple words how to become long-lived, healthy happy. I know it sounds too good to be true, almost an impossible goal. You think it is because you are conditioned by a social and religious culture that wants you to be weak and feel powerless. If you are unhappy, angry or disappointed today, it is only because you believe those conditioning are worthy of consideration and respect.

To borrow Morpheus’s words to Neo in the movie Matrix, what I propose is not easy, but it is just the truth. If you have the courage to face it and open your eyes you can turn your second half of life into the most beautiful, interesting and evolutionary time ever.

See you soon.


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