"Longevity begins in the mind"

- Enzo Parianotti

"La longevità inizia dalla mente"

- Enzo Parianotti

Enzo Parianotti

After a brilliant career spanning more than 35 years in the ranks of Switzerland's largest multinational pension and financial company, I decided to bring together my skills and knowledge into a revolutionary system that enables any person over 50 to prepare to live a healthy, happy and long second half of life.

Some very significant events in my life and my passion for personal growth and education have enabled me to become an expert in the head of wellness and longevity.

I am convinced that the next great demographic revolution will certainly be longevity, and Longebility, or the ability to be long-lived, is the answer needed to turn this revolution into a great opportunity.

Here is some information about me:

Longevity begins in the mind

Your library for personal growth after age 50

The 1st Italian blog on mental longevity

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